Novastar NovaLCT V5.4.7 Software Download

Hello everyone, the NovaLCT software has been upgraded! Upgrade from the previous NovaLCT V5.4.4.6 to NovaLCT V5.4.7.We have collected the NovaLCT V5.4.7 software installation package and version update instructions, click the link below to download the latest version of NovaLCT V5.4.7.

NovaLCT V5.4.7 Software Download :

NovaLCT V5.4.7 Software Download  

Version update instructions:
【Supporting equipment】
1. Supported synchronous controllers MCTRL300/MCTRL R5/MCTRL500/MCTRL600/MCTRL660/MCTRL700/MCTRL4K/MCTRL1600/MCTRL660 PRO/Mee210/TU20
2. Supported video controllers 3D HD/NovaPro HD/NovaPro UHD Jr/VX2/VX2U/K2U/VX4/VX4S/VX4U/K4/K4S/K4U/VX5s/V700/V800/V900S/VX16s/V1260/V1160/V1060 /V960/V900/V760/VX1000/K6s/K4SN/VX2S/VX6S/VX400S/VS1/VS2/VS3/VS7/VS8/Hseries/C1/C3/D12/N9/N6
3. Supported multimedia players TB1/TB2/TB3/TB4/TB6/TB8/TB30/TB40/TB50/TB60/JT100/JT50/TCC70/JT200/JT20
【Add content】
1. Added support for spherical and fan-shaped screens for special-shaped screens;
2. Increase the screen display function according to the data group;
3. Add Ai online question and answer function;
4. The mars service adds the function of filtering the communication port type;
5. Data group exchange supports parallel 64 groups of data;
6. Support software version incremental update and upgrade;
7. Support receiving card firmware package incremental download update;
8. Added Mee310, TU20, TU15Pro; Video VX400, V2460; MGT1000 SGS1000 MGT600 MGT2000 SGS600 SGS2000 TJT600 TJT2000 LMS2000 LMS600
9. Support the delivery of the ncp file of the cabinet configuration tool (only broadcast and designated receiving card delivery are supported)
【Optimized content】
1. Memory usage optimization;
2. Improve the usability of special-shaped screen;
3. Automatic brightness jump optimization, monitoring stability optimization;
4. The positioning module freeze optimization in the test tool;
5. The reading stability of point-by-point correction coefficient database is improved;
6. The stability of screen distribution readback/delivery is improved;
7. The stability of receiving card readback/delivery is improved;
8. The stability of LED board ID readback/refresh is improved;
9. Program upgrade readback stability improvement;
10. Monitor memory leaks and optimize stability;
【change content】
1. Shield fault diagnosis function;
【Repair content】
1. Fixed the verification condition of continuous screen resolution issued by T card;
2. The 16380 chip intelligent setting process shows that the vertical data is bright, not a single data point prompt;
3. The 5965 chip has a disconnection problem repaired when the configuration file is corrected;
4. Fixed the problem that the communication port is not COM99 when logging in in demo mode;
5. Image quality engine: The color analysis screen will become darker, and the analysis results will be repaired after removing gamma1 and sending it;
6. Image quality engine: turn off the 22bit+ and fine grayscale switches during color management acquisition;
7. Spot check: Fix the problem of spot check failure caused by the timeout failure of reading back the parameters of the receiving card during the spot check;
8. On-line correction: the problem that the full grayscale correction coefficient cannot be fixed can be fixed;
1. The NovaLCT operating environment only supports Windows 7 and above systems
2. When the receiving card firmware program does not support the video chip, the interface content is not reliable after reading back the receiving card parameters at this time, and needs to be updated to the receiving card firmware program that supports the video chip.

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